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Roy Joins Chris Cox in California!

Roy will be joining Chris Cox Friday night, February 1st. We’ll get you more details as we have them.

Check out the event’s website for location and more general event info.

Impressed with Roy’s ability to train dogs and people!

“I attended a Roy Cox clinic in Blackfoot, Idaho several years ago I was impressed with Roy’s ability to train dogs and people. I have read other trainers books and watched their video’s none of them in my estimation have the skills and knowledge that Roy displayed.”

 – on 11/6/2012 by Clayne Hanson of Menan, Idaho


You will not be disappointed!

“I am excited for the cattle dog industry to have such an amazing trainer back to doing what he knows so much about. If you have the opportunity to learn from Roy, you will not be disappointed!”

 – on 11/11/2012 by Kevin Bennett

Additions to Website for Better Communications

After a few months of processing the DVDs ordered online, we have reviewed ways to improve the process. With so many incorrect email addresses provided and/or so many of our customers not checking their email, we’ve added emphasis on collecting phone numbers so that we can follow up more quickly when necessary.

We have recently:

A. Added a new “CONTACT US” option to the website. This option floats over the website in the upper-right corner. It requires that the person submitting the request provide both a phone number and email address.

B. Added a new “PHONE # for Order Confirmation” field to the order process.

We hope that this will improve our ability to communicate with you and others.

Best wishes in 2013!