Roy Cox Cattle Dog Sells for Record $27,500

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Roy Cox Cattle Dog Sells for Record $27,500

Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 9. 2015 – On Wednesday, December 9th, Jake, a March 2013 male border collie trained by Roy Cox, sold at the Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale for a record $27,500. Fort Worth resident, “Bobby” Patton, Jr., purchased Jake and will receive a week’s worth of support from Roy Cox as the dog is transitioned to his new owner. It is believed that this is a new record for the amount paid for a cattle dog. Jake is the same cattle dog that earned the spotlight earlier in 2015 as part of the Western Heritage Classic demonstrations in Abilene, Texas.

Also part of the same sale, Kevin Radford & Randal Walker received $21,500 for their dog Cable. T.J. Collett got $7,000 for Champ and Jeannie Allen got $5,400 for Oscar. This was Collett and Allen’s first appearance in the Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale. Cattle dog trainer, Ross Bryant, was forced to withdraw his dog, Chief, from the sale this year after the dog was injured. Bryant helped provide first-hand knowledge and commentary during the 2015 sale. During last year’s sale, the top price was paid for the dog presented by Bryant.

The Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale was first started in 2014 as it featured dogs and trainers coordinated through renowned cattle dog trainer, Roy Cox.

Official information about each of the 2015 sale dogs is available online at:

Roy Cox is considered by many to be one of the top cattle dog trainers in the world. Roy has been working with cattle dogs his entire life. In 2012, he launched his formal website and started developing and selling training materials. He has gained notoriety as he has produced and distributed training materials to help others better understand his methods. Many of those trainers involved in the Western Blood Stock Select Cattle Dog Sale have used and benefited from Roy’s methods.

For more information, contact: George Slaughter.

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