Training Materials

Roy Cox is committed to effectively share his method for training all types of dogs, especially working dogs – more specifically, cattle dogs. Roy’s years of experience and success are being documented in multiple formats so that the general public can better understand how to develop a harmonious relationship with their dogs. These materials will help everyone more fully understand the importance of such favorite Roy Cox phrases like “The Mind Controls The Body” and understand the importance of Sanction and Stimulus.

Initial training materials include DVDs and a book. Roy Cox is currently working with Mustang International to produce these materials as well as new communication channels, such as this website and Facebook resources.

The photo to the right was taken during one of many video recording sessions for the training DVD series. Initial training sessions were all at Roy Cox’s ranch in southern Oklahoma.  

Watch short video montage.

DVD Series

The initial DVD training series will contain a number of training videos that are organized into five separate discs called:

Exciting features of these training DVDs include high quality, multi-angle videos with three separate audio tracks per video. The extra audio tracks will multiply the value of each video clip!



A Lifetime with Cattle Dogs is a book currently being developed by Roy Cox. His intention is to share with readers a fairly comprehensive view of the many valuable truths and methods Roy has discovered over the years regarding the training of cattle dogs. While the book does cover most of the “how to” aspects of Roy’s unique training methods, this book also contains material written by Roy that will help you better understand his philosophy regarding cattle dogs.

Cost: To be determined.