“Who is this Roy Cox guy?!”

Some may start out by only wanting to better understand and use Roy’s methods for producing great cattle dogs. But once you get to know the man, you’ll appreciate him for much more than just being a great dog trainer.

Roy Cox Bio

Roy Cox was born in January 1961 in Wallsend, South Wales Australia. He grew up and lived there for 18 years of his life. Even during his younger years, Roy’s family enjoyed having dogs. Leaving school at the age of 14, he became an apprentice to a butcher for four years of his life. At the end of those four years, he moved to the United States to Oklahoma where he began to work for a cutting horse trainer.

While working there, Roy got his first dog, which was half Blue Heeler, half Border Collie. He used this dog to pin the cutting cattle. His dog training began with this dog, Rat. After working in Oklahoma for six years, Roy moved to North Texas to train horses for EE Ranches.

Alyssa with her daddy, Roy

During this time, Roy also began to import Kelpies from Australia. After working for EE Ranches for another six years, Roy bought a little place in Thackerville, OK. Roy then began to train dogs full time. Along the way, Roy began to develop his method for training dogs.

Roy then began the process of starting the Red River Cattle Dog Association where he served as the original president and continued to hold a position on the board of directors. Competing in the competitions held by the Red River Cattle Dog Association, Roy won the award “Reserve Dog of the Year” four times during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Roy also competed in the “World Cattle Dog Challenge” in Alturas, California, and won reserve dog two years in a row.

Christy and Ian

As Roy continued his involvement with developing and supporting the cattle dog community, Roy held a position on the board of directors for the Lone Star Cattle Dog Futurity, and helped to design some of the courses used in competitions. Competing in those same competitions, Roy won the Futurity twice with two different dogs.

Roy’s love for his dogs is strong, but not as strong as for his family. Roy currently lives in Oklahoma where he works dogs and travels to conduct clinics.

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