Roy Cox Cattle Dog Sells for Record $27,500

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Roy Cox Cattle Dog Sells for Record $27,500

Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 9. 2015 – On Wednesday, December 9th, Jake, a March 2013 male border collie trained by Roy Cox, sold at the Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale for a record $27,500. Fort Worth resident, “Bobby” Patton, Jr., purchased Jake and will receive a week’s worth of support from Roy Cox as the dog is transitioned to his new owner. It is believed that this is a new record for the amount paid for a cattle dog. Jake is the same cattle dog that earned the spotlight earlier in 2015 as part of the Western Heritage Classic demonstrations in Abilene, Texas.

Also part of the same sale, Kevin Radford & Randal Walker received $21,500 for their dog Cable. T.J. Collett got $7,000 for Champ and Jeannie Allen got $5,400 for Oscar. This was Collett and Allen’s first appearance in the Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale. Cattle dog trainer, Ross Bryant, was forced to withdraw his dog, Chief, from the sale this year after the dog was injured. Bryant helped provide first-hand knowledge and commentary during the 2015 sale. During last year’s sale, the top price was paid for the dog presented by Bryant.

The Western Blood Stock Select Dog Sale was first started in 2014 as it featured dogs and trainers coordinated through renowned cattle dog trainer, Roy Cox.

Official information about each of the 2015 sale dogs is available online at:

Roy Cox is considered by many to be one of the top cattle dog trainers in the world. Roy has been working with cattle dogs his entire life. In 2012, he launched his formal website and started developing and selling training materials. He has gained notoriety as he has produced and distributed training materials to help others better understand his methods. Many of those trainers involved in the Western Blood Stock Select Cattle Dog Sale have used and benefited from Roy’s methods.

For more information, contact: George Slaughter.

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JAKE will be presented and sold by Roy Cox December 9, 2015 @ 3pm

Here’s a video of JAKE working. Check it out along with the other dogs up for sale.

UPDATE: Dog Sale is scheduled at 3pm on 12/9/2015.

8-Dog Roy for Fun!

Had a great meeting with Roy and George this past Friday. We were working on how best to shot the remaining video needed for DVD#4 and planning our approach to DVD#5 which is the last disc in our current series.

During that meeting, Roy provided some raw footage of him working 8 dogs simultaneously. This is just for fun… not part of the 5-disc DVD training series. Here’s the edited version of what Roy shot, minus all of the wind noise! Hope you enjoy it.


Video for DVDs #3 & #4

Roy Cox Canine Connections spent a week shooting new video in southern Oklahoma to finish up DVD#3 and start footage for DVD#4. Both of these videos are focused on working cattle.

While there, we shot some slow motion video. Check it out. Make sure to watch in HD.


DVD#02 Scheduled for Delivery June 28, 2013

Disc02_CoverMARK YOUR CALENDARS! The SECOND DVD in the CATTLE DOG 5-disc series by Roy Cox entitled “INTRODUCTION TO LIVESTOCK” is scheduled for delivery on Friday June 28th!!! We will be adding this DVD to the website this weekend as long as everything checks out when we receive the shipment.

Roy Joins Chris Cox in California!

Roy will be joining Chris Cox Friday night, February 1st. We’ll get you more details as we have them.

Check out the event’s website for location and more general event info.

NEW DVD starts shipping October 18th!

Roy’s new DVD is available to purchase online!

Click here to learn more about this training DVD and/or to place your order now.

Roy on TV

Click on picture to LINK to the AgWeb TV Interview

Roy was recently giving a demonstration in Missouri and shot a short video interview.

Click here to go to this interview page.

LEVEL 2 Group Photo

We recently posted a picture of the LEVEL 2 Clinic attendees from September 22, 2012.

It appears that this clinic was well received.

Click here to go to the group photo.

You can also find pictures from the event on FACEBOOK.


Post-Trials Chat with Roy

We are considering the possibility of publishing interviews with Roy in the future. This is a quick test of the concept as we discuss the recent cattle dog trials in Wichita Falls, Texas, on September 13, 2012.

The interview can be found under the MEDIA main menu tab on the AUDIO INTERVIEWS page.